Japan is already facing a shrinking labor force, which is a serious social issue. Therefore, in order to provide everyone with the opportunity become an IT professional and play an active role—regardless of their age, gender, nationality, academic background, or career history—we are implementing a Startup Project aimed at training many inexperienced people .


Providing people who have the motivation but no experience with the opportunity to play an active role
Japan's labor force, which consisted of around 80 million people in 2010, is expected to decrease to around 60 million people by 2040. When there is a significant reduction in the labor force, it can result in the stagnation of economic development and make it harder to maintain everyone's quality of life. Because the decreasing birthrate and aging population cannot be avoided, it is necessary to promote additional evolution of IT technologies in order to increase business efficiency and reduce the necessary labor while further improving productivity.

Although the number of people who can work is decreasing, the fact remains that there are still a lot of people who have the motivation to work but no skills or can't find a job opening because there are limits on the application age and work location . If we can provide people who have the motivation but no experience with the opportunity to play an active role regardless of their age, gender, career history, etc., it will benefit the people we employ, our company, and society as well.


A system that makes it possible to become an IT professional anytime, anywhere, and from scratch
We want to create a system that makes it possible for motivated people to become IT professionals anytime, anywhere, and from scratch. This is the goal of our Startup Project. Our training program makes it possible for even people with absolutely no experience to learn how to play an active role at system development and operation job sites. After someone enters our company, the first three months are a basic in-house training period. We have them concentrate on training instead of doing actual work .


Using feedback from reviewers to achieve high learning effectiveness
Our Startup Project incorporates both OFF-JT in the form of a course of study and practice and OJT in the form of practical training. This system enables trainees to acquire not only knowledge but also skills and know-how they can use while actually on the job . Trainees have training leaders, and each trainee is also assigned a reviewer who provides them with detailed feedback. Because leaders and reviewers evaluate trainees and provide them with advice based on the training results, high learning effectiveness is achieved .

Because the Startup Project is held every month, trainees who start taking the course at the same time end up in the same class, which means that you would have colleagues you could count on after entering our company. Another major advantage of our training environment is that trainees can improve through friendly rivalry by teaching each other and exchanging information. During the next month, new trainees enter the company, so the number of people without experience who join the training program keeps on increasing. In the end, it is possible for everyone to ultimately become a senior employee who is in a position to actively guide and support inexperienced colleagues.