We are trying to help achieve Society 5.0, an advanced human society that fuses cyberspace (or virtual space) and real space.
The IoT—which connects all things and people—makes it possible to share various kinds of knowledge. At the same time, AI can help us resolve various problems, including population aging and depopulation as well as the gap between the rich and the poor.

In order to contribute to the achievement of such a rich future society, Axross is promoting the research and development of cutting-edge technologies.


To resolve various issues of modern society, it is essential to effectively utilize and apply IT . In order to make it possible for local governments, companies, and various other types of organizations to cooperate in terms of sharing big data and developing applications, FIWARE (FI = future Internet, WARE = next-generation Internet platform software) has been developed in Europe and is currently spreading to various other regions around the world.
Many people are pinning their hopes on FIWARE as a platform for facilitating the IoT necessary for future society and achieving smart cities, which make it possible to utilize the earth's limited resources without waste and enrich people's lives .

To achieve active communities that are highly durable and resilient as well as urban development that makes life safe and comfortable, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, is working on a smart city project called Smart City Aizuwakamatsu, which is aimed at resolving various issues, utilization of the latest IoT technologies for health, welfare, traffic , disaster prevention, the environment , and energy .

As a technology company well versed in IoT technologies, Axross is also participating in this project, which is based on the unification of government administrations, universities, and companies.

As a result of the evolution of drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) development technologies, drones are becoming smaller and more sophisticated, which is rapidly increasing their potential for general use. In Japan, where the labor force is expected to rapidly shrink, it is necessary to comprehensively mobilize drones and other advanced technologies in order to cover the labor shortage. The scale of the domestic drone market is expected to increase to 100 billion yen by 2020, and demonstration experiments are already underway in relation to various themes, including agriculture, crime prevention and security, distribution, and surveying. We fully utilize the latest IoT-related knowledge and technical capabilities as well as the results and know-how we have cultivated while developing business systems for various industries in order to provide consulting services and technologies aimed at utilizing drones in business settings and to develop the associated systems.


Unlike VR (virtual reality), which exists completely in virtual space, AR (augmented reality) is formed by overlaying real space and virtual space. People are paying attention to AR technologies as a way to uniformly visualize the virtual and the real, and the utilization of AR is expected not only for games, sports, and other kinds of entertainment but also for industry and business. We fully utilize the knowledge we have cultivated as a result of developing various systems—including EC portal websites, SNS apps, and commercial smart device apps—as well as the latest AR technologies in order to develop AR systems aimed at the achievement of new services, including technical training in educational and medical settings the provision of information for sightseeing navigation, advertising, and shopping.